How to apply for a job with us

Applying for any of our jobs is simple, however please review the Position Description first and set aside some time before you start to prepare your answers to the Selection Criteria. We like to get as much information as we can from you before making a decision on who we would like to interview. The process involves three simple steps.

Please note, paper based, faxed and emailed applications will not be accepted.

Find the position you are interested in

All of our current job listings are displayed in the Vacancies section, simply click on the Vacancies tab.

Answer our simple Questionnaire

The first part of the Questionnaire comprise of Essential and Desirable Selection Criteria. Answers to questions may be in written format, yes / no answers or multiple choice.

Preparation of the statement addressing the selection criteria is the most important part of your application. There is no word limit so be creative.

Your answers to the selection criteria should include your skills, knowledge, experience and, if required any qualifications required for the position.

The key to addressing selection criteria is:

  • Providing answers that demonstrate evidence of how you meet the selection criteria.
  • Provide specific details; and
  • Where possible, include an indicator of success or a result.


Upload your CV and Cover Letter

Simply upload a CV that is in a compatible format into our system.

The covering letter gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, supply any additional information and advise of your availability for an interview.

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