Building a Sustainable Workforce

Our Core Values

We Are Community

We are one team

We keep each other safe

We display empathy and respect

We have fun and celebrate our successes

We work together to achieve great outcomes


We Are Open

We are open to opportunities

We actively listen and think things through

We are inclusive and treat everyone equally

We are honest and open in our communications

We are open to feedback to improve our performance


We Are Brave

We lead the change, we own it!

We trust and empower each other

We have the difficult conversations early

We hold ourselves to the highest standard

We have the courage to improve and simplify


Equal Employment Opportunity

The City of Bunbury is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, aiming to build organisational capacity and foster a positive work environment.

The City of Bunbury is committed to Equal Opportunity to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of persons accessing the City of Bunbury’s services / facilities (members of the public) and/or in the course of employment (employees) with the City of Bunbury.

Our Policy

Our policy outlines that The City of Bunbury has a commitment to Equal Opportunity (EO) under the obligations of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984. This commitment is reflected by the integration of the principles of EO into the City’s Strategic Community Plan Code of Conduct, Equal Opportunity Corporate Guideline and work practices.

The City’s Equal Opportunity Corporate Guideline will inform the direction, actions and training required under legislation for all City staff.

Work life balance
We understand our employees have commitments other than work so we offer flexible work arrangements, as well as a range of other benefits designed to help the work/life balance.
Four Weeks Annual Leave

4 weeks of annual leave per annum is available including 17.5% loading.

Long Service Leave

13 weeks of annual leave after 10 years of continuous local government service, transferable between all Local Government Authorities in WA.

Creating a safe workplace

The City of Bunbury strives, through a process of continuous improvement, to integrate safety and health into all aspects of council activities.  We continually work towards complying with the requirements of the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1984 and Occupational Safety & Health Regulations 1996.